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Item ID: UT81B
Item Name: Uni-T UT81B Oscilloscope 8MHz w/ USB and vivid LCD

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Up for auction is a Brand New Uni-T® UT81B Oscilloscope with excellent blue high pixel LCD screen.  Uni-T® products are extremely high quality and come with great accessories including all you see here.   Make sure your measurements are precise by using the Uni-T UT81B Oscilloscope.



This meter is CE Certified and is Compliant with the following standards:

  • EN61010 600V CAT III, 1000V CAT II, CMC
  •  Uni-T UT81B Oscilloscope
  • Operating Manual
  • Test Leads
  • Alligator Clips
  • Software (CD)
  • USB Interface Cable



Basic Functions Range Best Accuracy
DC Voltage 400mV/4V/40V/400V/1000V (0.8%+8)
AC Voltage 4V/40V/400V/750V (1%+15)
DC Current 400mA /4000mA/40mA/400mA/4A/10A (1%+8)
AC Current 400mA/4000mA/40mA/400mA/4A/10A  (1.5%+8)
Resistance 400W/ 4kW/40kW/400kW/4MW/ 40MW (1%+5)
Capacitance 40nF /400nF/4mF/40mF/100mF (3%+8)
Frequency 10Hz~10MHz (0.1%+3)
Vertical Accuracy   (5%+1)
Input Sensitivity 20mV/div-500V/div (1-2-5)  
Horizontal Accuracy   (0.01%+1)
Timebase Range 100ns/div-5s/div (1-2-5)  
Bandwidth 8MHz
Display Resolution 160X160
Real-Time Sample Rate 40MSa/s
Duty Cycle 0.1%~99.9%
Special Functions

Continuity Buzzer  
Display 160x160 Monochrome
Trigger Types Free Run / Normal / Single Shot
Memory 10 screens and setups
Contrast and Bright Setup  

Input Impedance For DCVoltage Measurement

Around 10MW 
Sleep Mode  
Low Battery Display  
Display Backlight EL
Max.Display 3999 counts on display; updates 3 times/second
Power 1.5V Battery (R6) x 4  (AA Size)
LCD Size 60 x 60 mm
Product Color Red and Grey
Product Net Weight 498g
Product Size 200 x100 x 48 mm


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