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Item ID: 4-082
Item Name: PTT remote switch for series 4-066 4-068 4-080

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PTT remote switch for :


   Fit  Model                               Item Name 
4-066   Medium-duty VOX Throat Mic
4-066XL   Medium-duty VOX Throat Mic (Big size)
4-068   Professional VOX Behind Head Headset
4-080B   Heavy-duty Noise-reduction Headset (Black)
4-080R   Heavy-duty Noise-reduction Headset (Red)
4-093    BIG Switch Medium-duty Throat Mic
4-096   Forehead/Throat-Vibration mic
4-098   MINI Pro Throat mic with Acoustic Tube
4-099   MINI Pro Throat mic with 3.5mm phone jack




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