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Item ID: FF-0868
Item Name: Power Inverter 500W DC 12V--AC 220V 50Hz FF-0868
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Product detail:
Input Voltage:DC11-15V
Output voltage:AC220V±10% (Over-load)
Max.Continues Output Power:≤450W
Peak Power:≤1000W
Output Frequency:50±3Hz
color: silver/black

Model number:FF-0868 The 500W power inverter
  Technique Function
Input Voltage:DC11-15V
Output Voltage: AC220V±10% (For rated load)
Maximum Continues Output Power:≤450W
Peak power:≤1000W
Output frequency:50±3Hz
Output waveform:modified sine wave
Maximum working efficiency:≤90%
Input 12VDC , the current consumption of the transformer process:<0.25A
Ambient temperature:1 0℃~40℃
Max. Temperature protection: appearance≤ 65 ℃
Under-voltage alarm:10.4~11V
Low-voltage shutoff:9.7~10.3V
Over-voltage shutoff:14.5~15.5V
Dimension: (L×W ×H): 168×90×49mm
Net weight:0.82kg
Material:The alloy aluminum  
Color: silver/black
Packing: vacuum plastic box,
  5PCS/inner box  (445×215×225mm) 6,4 kg 
40PCS/large box   (460×450×475mm) 26,4 kg

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