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Item ID: GS5000
Item Name: 1080P 30FPS Night Vision HD Car DVR GS5000 Built-in GPS

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1080P 30FPS Night Vision HD Car DVR GS5000 Built-in GPS G-Sensor 140°Wide Angle









This is a digital High Definition video camera recorder with the most advanced technology.

It is not only use as a common HD video camera, but also a professional driving recorder.

It can record the HD image with Full HD 1920*1080P, take picture of 5 Mega Pixels.

Applied TF card as the storage device, with small size, easy-carrying, save electricity features.

Compared with the traditional video camera, this one can record more perfect video image, the video can be transferred by HDMI transmission wire directly to

the high quality LED TV for high resolution displaying.

Enjoy Real High-Definition Life using this product.


120 degree super wide angle lens.

1920*1080P FULL HD high definition resolution.
Advanced H.264 video compression technology.
4X digital zoom, ranges from 12cm to limitless.

1.5 inch high resolution LCD, can view while recording.

IR light at night.

Support HDMI high quality video transmission.
4 resolution forms recording for options.
30/60fps video flow

 Equipped with special suction cup holder, easy to fix and use.

Built-in GPS track, recording travel speed, driving track.

Powerful document protection function, the video will be saved intactly even though there are power outages or machine damage occurred under recording.

Seamless continuous recording, it will not miss any data.

Applied Auto cigarette power supply, can recording while driving.

Turn on and recording automatically when car starts,

Automatic circulating recording, it’s able to set the record time for each file.

Watching video simultaneous while driving, supporting on-spot play back.

time & date display changed, there is no need to reset when re-starts.

Setting video recording time, there will stop recording automatically when time is up.

Screen shots function, to capture video picture under recording and reviewing.

Can charge through USB.

Hommization operation interface.

Maximum memory storage 32GB, or TF with more high capacity storage device.

Keys Function                                                            

Mode Key: to shift the mode between video, photograph, replay and system settings.

short press for file to be locked or unlocked, Long press for video voice on/off function during recording

Snap-shot Key: to take picture in video recording status, if under working, to capture the picture with current video resolution size.

Up/Down Key: it is use for menu setting selection under Menu Mode. And for browsing, volume adjustment under reviewing.

Power Key: short press for turn on, long press of 2 seconds for turn off. 

Light flashing by short press under camcorder mode.

REC/OK Button: shooting button for taking picture or video.

For menu setting under menu mode.

For start, pause under video replay.


Operation Instruction                                                       

Built-in 3.7/500mAh high power capacity battery

This device can be charged through connecting the USB terminal of computer as well as connecting charge

Connect to 12V/24V car charger as driving recorder

When used as driving recorder, connect the device with the car charger. Thus, it will start to recorder automatically when vehicle engine on,

stop recording and save the recording files when off.

Note: Only the car charger with the output of 5V can be used for the power supply, or the device could be damage.

Insert in and take out the memory card

Confirm the inserting direction of TF card, wrong inserting direction could damage the camcorder and TF card

Use the SDHC specification conforming high speed TF card, this TF card has the C4 or C6 marking.

Format the TF card on the device when first using

Turn on/off and auto off of video recorder

Press the power key for 1 second to turn on/off the device.

For saving the power capacity of battery, to set the automatic off time in the menu, the device will turn off automatically when having not any operation on the video recorder.

 Camcorder Mode

Press REC button to start the video recording, and then press REC button to stop the video recording. During the process, red icon on the screen.

Select Flashlight: Choose the mode of flashlight in the status of video recording by pressing ON/OFF key. The sequencing will be forced flash, automatic flash and no flash.

Digital zoom: Focus the camera on the subject, press the key Up and Down to make the digital zoom.

Revise the following content on the recording set:

1920x1080P30, 1440x1080P30, 1280x720P30, 848x480P60, 848x480P30.

Resolution: select the video resolution: 1920x1080P30, 1440x1080P30, 1280x720P30, 848x480P60, 848x480P30.

Audio: ON and OFF Mic to select whether record video

Circle recording: Set ON/OFF Circle recording, it will cover the last files when the memory of TF card is full on circle recording mode.

Power off delay: Select whether delay off when the engine stop working

LED: Select Flashlight ON/OFF/Auto

Motion Dection: ON/OFF

MD SENS: Set sensitivity of motion detection, from 1 to 8

Revise the following content in the Menu mode:

Language: Set Language

Date/Time: Up/Down button to operate, press OK for next set


Format: Format the TF card

Reset system: set the system parameter as the default value

Auto off: set idle time to power off the device

Light source frequency :choose the frequency of electric wire, in the event of selecting the wrong frequency, the horizontal lines interruption will show on the image

Auto LCD off Time: set the time auto turn off the LCD screen, press any key to wake up the LCD screen

Firmware Version: Check the Firmware Code of the device




5M CMOS Sensor, 1/2.5 inch light-sensing surface area


4 fixed focus lens, aperture 2.0, focus 3.4mm


4 x digital zoom

LCD display

1.5 inch 4:3 TFT LCD

Video output

AV(SVBS): composite TV signal output NTSC/PAL

High definition TV terminal interface: HDMI signal output

Max 1920X1080/ 30 fps


JPG file format Maximum output pixel: 5.0 Mega Pixels


H.264 compressed format

1920x1080, 30 frame/sec  1440 x 1080, 30 frame/sec

1280x720, 30 frame/sec  848 x 480, 60 frame/sec 


Built-in Microphone/Speaker(AAC)


Memory: 32M

External media: SDHC(support 32G Max, TF card)


Electronic shutter


Automatic electronic video supplement lamp(LED)


500mAh 3.7V Polymer Li-ion battery

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