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Item ID: 8-008
Item Name: Mic/sp exchange adaptor for JT-308 JT-208 TG-5A

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Special Plug Exchange   

2.5mm plug to 2.5mm jack.

       EASY to USE

Can use Motorola Talkabout 2.5mm audio accessories exchange ,Fit for JINGTONG Radio.Low cost for choose more option.

More aftermarket audio option for Motorola talkabout .But not supply for Jingtong.

This item for Jingtong radio can use Motorola 2.5mm plug audio option



Adapter for fit for :

Jingtong : JT-208 JT-308 JT-2118 JT-3118

Kington : TG-208 TG-308 TG-2118 TG-3118

Kungsung : KG-2118 KG-3118

Quansheng : TG-5A  

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