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Item ID: TG-K10ATV
Item Name: QUANSHENG TG-K10AT 10W VHF136-174MHz

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2015 New Original walkie talkie QUANSHENG TG-K10AT talk range 10KM  10W

VHF136-174MHz High quality two way radios free shipping




Frequency range                   VHF: 136-174MHz       
Rated voltage                                            DC 7.2V 
Memory channel                                       100
Frequency sensitivity                                   ±5PPM
Output power   H≥10W  M≥1W  
Remanent radiation                                   <7μW
Intermodulation distortion  ≥60dB
Adjacent channel Selectivity                             ≥65dB
Blocking ≥85dB
Spurious rejection ≥65dB



1. Same frequency / different frequency
2. PC Program Function
3. Initialization 
4. Channel step 5k/10k/12.5k/25k
5. CTCSS/DCS function
6. Voice prompt
7. Input Frequency directly by keypad 
8. Display Channel+ Frequency mode
9. Monitor and scan function
10. Switch power between "HI" and "LOW” 
11. Auto battery saving function, extend the  using  time of battery.
12. Low power alarm, when the power is low,it sends 
the sound signal to alarm you change  the  battery.
13. Communication range: As usual it’s 5kilometers,  
but sometimes it is affected by environment. 
14. Earphone / microphone / auto charger  jack,
convenient for answering and charging.   
15. Scanning function: frequency and channel scan
16. Memory clear function


- 1x TG-k10AT (VHF 136-174Mhz)
- 1x Battery Pack
- 1x Antenna.
- 1x Belt Clip.
- 1x ENG Manual
- 1x Desktop Charger ( 100V ~ 240V ) + PSU (2pin USA or 3pinUK or 2pin EURO)

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